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Email Security with Free Secure Email Certificates

Free Email certificates from Comodo allow you to use the "digitally sign" and "encrypt" features built in to your email client to authenticate and secure your email communications, allowing recipients of your emails to confirm your identity and ensure that the email you sent was not tampered with en-route. It's also simple to fully encrypt your communications to prevent unauthorized viewing.

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  • Free Secure Email Certificate: P.O.A
    (Email Certificate can be applied for and collected using IE, Firefox, Opera and Flock)Free Secure Email Certificate

Why do I need Secure Email Certificate?

  • Authentication - Email passes through many different computer systems without your knowledge. Not only are you unaware of the mail flowing through these systems, you may also not know where these computers are located, or even who owns and maintains them. Secure Email Certificates let you digitally sign your email to prove that the message and attachments really came from you and not an imposter.
  • Privacy - Any non-encrypted email you send can be very easily intercepted and read. Someone may be able to snoop on your email Inbox, or even grab the messages out of the air as you wirelessly check your email on a laptop at the airport. Secure Email Certificates allow you to easily encrypt your emails and make sure that the message and attachments may only be read by the intended recipients.
  • Integrity - Regular, unsecured email is easily faked. Messages can be produced that look as though they were from a particular person or organization, when in fact they were from someone completely different. Digitally signing your email with a Secure Email Certificate means that it is impossible for anyone to alter the contents of your mail without the recipient being alerted to it.

Why Comodo for your Secure Email Certificates?

  • They're FREE!! - Comodo believes that private and secure messaging is a right and not a luxury you should pay for. That's why Comodo's Secure Email Certificates are free to personal users.
  • Fast and Easy to obtain - You can get a Secure Email Certificate from Comodo within minutes using our online form. Just fill out your name, email address, choose a password and then we'll deliver your certificate.
  • Compatible with your favorite email program - Because they are issued by the world's 2nd largest Certification Authority, Comodo's Secure Email Certificates are fully trusted by 99% of email clients including Microsoftョ Outlook Express, Microsoftョ Outlookョ, Netscape Messenger, or any other S/MIME compliant software.