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Online Fax

The Comodo Trustfax Difference

Online Fax Revolution ... $9.95 per Year!

  • Send/Receive faxes as easily as Email, 24/7
  • Access faxes securely from anywhere in the world
  • YOUR OWN TOLL FREE NUMBER - no extra charge!
  • Secure, online fax storage and management
  • No more ink, no more paper-jams, no more hassle
  • Spam free - never pay for another unsolicited fax

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Trustfax Frequently Asked Questions


How do I send a fax?
You can send a fax by using the web upload to fax function
What is Email to Fax?
Send a fax by sending an email with an attachment to your TrustFax Account. See the Support Manual for information using Email to Fax.
Can I fax using my email?
TrustFax allows you to send a fax by sending an email, email to fax. A sample email to fax displaying the format is:
Email to Fax
Username and Code are required fields. The Attention, Message, and Cover page are optional. The Username and Code must match your account information.
The Code can be found in Account Info - Preferences. The code is a unique identifier to your account.
The email address is the fax number to be dialed i.e. in the format
What is Web to Fax?
Copy a document to your TrustFax Send Fax queue and send the fax from your TrustFax account.
Can I send more than 1 document at a time from my account on the web site?
You can fax more than one document at a time. But the documents must be in the Send fax queue and selected before clicking on Send.
Can I send a fax from my inbox and stored on my computer at the same time?
You can fax documents stored on you computer and in your inbox. Select the fax from the inbox and click send. The fax is listed in the Send Fax queue. Go to the Send Fax Queue and click Upload to select a document from your compute and copy into TrustFax. Select the documents from the Send Fax Queue and send.
Can I send a document(s) to more than 1 person at a time?
You can send a document(s) to more then one person by entering multiple fax telephone numbers. A comma must separate each fax telephone numbers.
Can I send a document(s) to an international fax number?
No. TrustFAX allows you to send to documents to North America, including the USA, Canada and some islands.
How do I change my fax cover sheet?
There is only one format for the cover sheet and it can't be changed. You can change your contact information on the cover sheet by clicking on "Account Info" and "Cover Sheet".
I work from home and I want to alter the information on the fax cover sheet so that it reflects contact information for my office.
To change the information on the cover page; login, click on 'Account info' then 'Cover sheet'. If you don't want to specify an address or phone number, put a space in the field and save changes.
Do I need to keep my current fax number to send and receive faxes?
No. TrustFax completely replaces your existing 'phone number and fax machine. You will be provided with a toll free number and login details in order to securely access your faxes online.
If I fax a document, does the recipient have to have a TrustFax account?
No. The recipient would receive the fax in a normal manner through their fax machine.
How could I fax a scanned document?
Simply upload the scanned document to your Trustfax account, then select send. Please note that only .txt .doc .pdf and .tif files can be faxed
Can I fax HTML documents?
Yes, as long as any images in the HTML are available from a public server and there is no scripting within the HTML
What kind of documents can I send as a fax ?
You can fax .doc , .pdf , .txt , .jpg, .bmp, .xsl (portrait), .wpd, html (public links to images and no scripting), .png, and .wks. files. These can be either existing documents or documents you have freshly scanned. You can send the documents by email to fax or by uploading the documents into your Trustfax account by clicking the 'Upload' button and browsing to the desired document on your hard drive. Once uploaded it will appear in your filing cabinet and be available for you to fax.
Can I send the same fax to multiple recipients?
Yes. You can easily create mailing lists in TrustFax by going into the 'Account Info' section and selecting 'Preferences'. Go to the item ''Email notification list" and click 'modify'. You can then add as many extra email recipients as you wish by filling out the dialog box


What is a fax inbox?
The fax inbox is a secure online storage for incoming faxes and is a backup for your faxes sent as attachments to your email. You can log into your TrustFax account through a secure Internet connection to view, print, download and send faxes stored in the fax inbox. Faxes are stored in the fax inbox for 30 days.
Is it possible to receive faxes from another country?
Yes, as the fax numbers are in the USA please use the USA dialing code before the fax number
How do I receive a fax?
TrustFax converts incoming faxes to a PDF file format for easy viewing and send the fax as an attachment to your email address. If you have purchased the Fax Inbox, the fax is also available online in your secure TrustFax account for 30 days.
Why are my incoming faxes in a PDF file format?
TrustFax converts incoming faxes to a PDF file format for easy viewing. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF file formatted documents. Go to to download the free Adobe Reader.
I received an unwanted fax (Spam). Does TrustFax sell or publish fax numbers?
No. TrustFax has never published or sold lists of fax numbers. If you receive an unwanted fax, contact for further instructions.
How do I stop receiving unwanted faxes (Spam)?
Opt out of the unwanted fax by contacting the company listed on the unwanted fax. If the problem persists, contact It is a good idea not to enter your TrustFax fax number on some web sites that have privacy policies that allow the selling of your information to third parities.
Can I use my own email address to receive the fax?
No, TrustFax receives the incoming fax, converts it to a PDF file format and then sends the fax as an attachment to your email address.


How do I view a new fax?
Open the email from Trustfax and click on the attachment. Adobe Reader should open and the fax will appear. If you have purchased the Fax Inbox, you can also view the fax online from your TrustFax account by selecting the fax and clicking on View.
Can I save a fax to my computer after viewing the attachment?
Yes. Click Save and choose a location to store the fax on your computer.
Why is it that sometimes a dialog box appears asking me to "Open or Save" the document when I'm trying to view it?
The document that you are trying to view doesn't have an associated application on you computer that can open the document properly. Rebooting your computer usually corrects the Adobe Reader problem. If the problem persists further, contact for help with this Adobe Reader issue.


Are there limits to my account during the trial period?
Your trial account is intended to allow you to experience TrustFax and is fully functional. You get 5 free pages, 20 Mb of storage space and a toll free 'phone number. After the 5 free pages are used, you will be given the chance to activate your account.
Do I receive a different fax phone number after my trial period ends?
No. Your fax number remains the same after your trial period ends.
How do I set my account active and end the trial period?
During the trial period, click on the link, "Set my account live" located on the left below the number of days left in your trial.
Is the monthly TrustFax service fee charged in advance?
Yes. TrustFax charges your credit card in advance.
Can I get a refund if I Cancel my account before the end of my monthly billing cycle?
Unfortunately no. Billing policy is to bill in advance for the service.
How do I enter or change my credit card information?
Go to Account Info and click on billing. Look for click here to "change payment information" link at the top of the page. Info.
My account is inactive. Can I still receive a fax?
No. Inactive accounts can't receive a fax.
I want to cancel my account. What do I do?
Send an email to with your account name and TrustFax fax number and that you want to cancel your account. You will receive a confirmation email when the account is canceled.
On the $9.95 plan, am I only going to pay $9.95 a year and then $0.10 a page for receiving and sending?
Yes, the $9.95 is the annual price for the plan and faxes are $0.10.
On first use we charge $5 which is credited to the account and $0.10 is deducted each time for each page.
If I upgraded my package, would the telephone number change?
No. Your number remains the same. TrustFax have engineered the upgrade procedure so you don't have to disrupt your communication flows and contacts.
Could I upgrade to another level of service if I found that my needs increased?
Yes you can upgrade your level of service, basic, Lite, Silver and Gold. Send an email to to request the change.


Can TrustFax be White Labeled/Re-Branded?
Yes. TrustFax Powered Partner program offers the opportunity to resell our market leading online fax solution under your own corporate identity - creating a totally individual design that integrates with the look and feel of your existing portfolio. Click here for more details


TrustFax PDF Format User Guide: Download TrustFax User Guide


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