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Comodo High Assurance Confidence Pak

A new level of trust for a new level of commerce

Now specially priced at $595 - valued at over $1,000 if bought separately

Comodo, the 2nd largest high assurance SSL Certification Authority, is in the unique position to offer you a comprehensive trust solution with our High Assurance Confidence Pak. Your website can leverage an essential combination of technologies that are proven to let your customers know they can place their trust in you. You'll also save $400 off the individual purchase price.

Your way to answer customer concerns - and convert wary visitors into loyal customers

  • Studies show that online shopping is increasing by 12% annually
  • 21% of customers won't buy on the net because they don't feel safe sharing their banking information
  • Trust credentials on an e-commerce site lift conversion by over 10%.

Introducing the Comodo High Assurance Confidence Pak

Four technologies working together that prove your trustworthiness to your customers

  1. Comodo's EV SSL Certificate (retail value: $849) comes with proprietary EV AUTO-Enhancer™ - Automatic EV Deployment and Maintenance Technology, which makes EV SSL easier and less costly to deploy vs. competitor EV SSLs with "Extender technology".

  2. PCI-approved scanning compliance solution (retail value: $79) that provides you with a "PCI Compliance Report" that can be sent to your acquiring bank.
  3. HackerGuardian Daily Scanning (retail value: $79) performs over 14,000 daily tests over the company's servers, scanning for weaknesses at both the firewall's perimeter and beyond. A detailed report is delivered after every scan and, if any threat or discrepancy is found, it advises the user on remediation.
  4. 3 patent-pending TrustLogo™ Certification Seals to stimulate marketing conversion of customers with technology like "point to verify" for seamless authentication. This package includes:
    • Corner of Trust with fixed position technology so customers can find your authentication credentials whenever they want.
    • HackerGuardian to prove that your site is free of hackers and malware.
    • Credit Card TrustLogo™
    Corner of Trust HackerGuardian Credit Card

ALL THESE TRUST CREDENTIALS ARE AVAILABLE FOR $595 per year - valued over $1,000 when bought separately - so you save over $400.

Once your customers trust you - they'll trust you with their business.

Click Here to Sign up for a High Assurance Confidence Pak now and save over $400

Note: This offering has not been authorized by the BBB. This offering is not intended to imply that Comodo has any relationship with the BBB, or that the BBB endorses Comodo and its products