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Hardware Security for PCs is now a commercial and affordable reality

High-spec security delivered on a cost-effective single chip

Bradford, UK, 11 March 2003. Comodo, the ASIC security specialists, has today announced further details of its next generation security chip, the SIDEN Trust Chip, developed in conjunction with Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. As enterprises become increasingly reliant on the Internet and electronic communication, access control, authentication, confidentiality, privacy and data integrity become critical factors for any successful enterprise.

The only retrofitable TCPA enabled device in the market, SIDEN Trust Chip is designed as a cost-effective single chip solution that provides security, functionality and trust to the client PC by moving critical security functions away from the insecure PC and the operating system into the secured chip.

A single-chip, innovative security ASIC, SIDEN Trust Chip combines USB based a 21x8 keyboard controller, 4 port USB hub, integrated smart card interface, hardware cryptographic module and non-volatile EEPROM memory. To fulfil the individual requirements of an enterprise, SIDEN Trust Chip is available in 3 device types: keyboard with integrated smart card reader and 2 USB ports, USB smart card key fob and USB smart card reader & cryptographic smart card.

With implementation based on 0.18µm silicon technology, SIDEN Trust Chip uses RISC based 8051 for faster program execution compared to the standard 8051. It has on-chip PLL, voltage regulator, USB port transceivers and cryptographic support for up to 2048-bit RSA or 2048-bit with CRT. SIDEN Trust Chip is compliant to TCPA V1.1b, EMV, PC/SC, USB 2.0 full speed specification and smart card interface compliant to ISO 7816.

Commenting on todays announcement Dr Richard Furness, Head of ASIC Development, Comodo Research Labs asserts, "SIDEN Trust Chip has been designed from the outset as a cost-effective, high-spec product, delivering high levels of security. The implications of this are that development times are longer and development costs are higher in order to provide our customers with a cost-effective unit price." He continues, "We are confident that our customers will benefit from the extensive investment that we have made in order to provide a cost-effective chip to fulfil customer's demand."

Fujitsu Components is a leading provider of customer-focused technology and communications solutions for the global market place. The significant commercial opportunity of the SIDEN Trust Chip has resulted in the Fujitsu/Comodo strategic partnership for the development of the core functionality, together with marketing and distribution initiatives.

Comodo has quickly established itself as the second largest SSL Certification Authority in the world and is developing the market-leading ASIC solutions, which includes the SIDEN Trust Chip range of ASIC security products, through its renowned Research Labs. As well as Fujitsu, Comodo has strategically partnered with more of the industry's leading technology providers for its security hardware development program.

More details on SIDEN™ Trust Chip are available on the Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. stand (Hall1, Stand 8f 2) at CeBIT 2003.

About Comodo: Comodo ( ) is a leading Internet security specialist and provides next generation E-commerce Security Solutions. Through a growing range of products, services and applications developed by its dedicated research lab, Comodo provides software, hardware, secure messaging and certificate based security.

After its first year of issuing SSL Certificates, Comodo has quickly become the 2nd largest Certification Authority in the world. For product information please contact + 1.888.266.6361 or + 1.703.581.6361 or visit the Comodo Home Page at